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Enjoy your favorite programs from Channel 5, 5STAR, 5USA, 5SELECT, and 5ACTION whenever you want with the on-demand service My5. Exclusive episodes, new releases, box collections, and the finest of our partner networks are all available to you.

No hidden costs or fees are associated with using Cahnenel 5 since it is a free service. To access your favorite programs, create a free account with My5 and sign in.

Keep reading this blog to understand the activation process of Channel 5 on your device.

How to register for Channel 5?

Channel 5, the fifth major UK broadcaster, has renamed its on-demand service, joining Channel 4 and ITV. The formerly known Demand 5 service is now known as My5. The redesigned My5 gateway is now available on iOS and Android devices, and app updates have begun.

It’s easy to sign up for My5; just do what’s outlined here:

  1. To create a My5 account, go to the sign-in screen on the mobile app, website, or activation site, then click the Register option.
  2. To sign up, you must provide some personal information (such as your name, address, birthday, and email address), choose a password, and confirm that you agree to the terms and conditions.
  3. Enter your zip code here, ensuring there are no spaces between the numbers and all letters are capitalized.
  4. You’ll be asked to enter your birthdate in a format specific to your system or device. A calendar icon may appear next to this field; if so, please use it. Choose your birth year from the display drop-down box, then select your month and your day of birth.
  5. Go visit
  6. Log in to your My5 profile.
  7. After logging in, there should be six empty fields shown.
  8. Launch the My5 app on your smart TV or media player now.
  9. You’ll be prompted to enter the six-digit activation code when that time comes.
  10. Put the number in the appropriate areas on the activation page (mentioned before) and hit the submit button.

How to Reset your My5 Password?

The My5 website has been updated with new features. As a result of these modifications to the sign-in verification process, any users who were previously logged into the site will discover that they have been automatically logged out. Your My5 account settings, including your watch history, search history, My List, and added programs, will be inaccessible until you log in again.

To access your account, go to the homepage and choose the Sign In option from the menu bar. You will then be prompted to enter your email address and password.

If you’ve lost your password, here’s how to get a new one:

  1. To sign in, go to the top of the webpage and click “Sign In.”
  2. Choose the “Log In” menu item.
  3. A “Forgotten password” button is available.
  4. To access your My5 account, please enter the email address you provided at signup.
  5. When you choose “Send information,” a red box with “Please check your email” will pop up.
  6. In a few minutes, an email with the subjectPassword reset” will arrive from [email protected]. Please wait a few more minutes and then check your spam mail if you still haven’t received the email.
  7. Follow the email’s “Reset link” to begin the process.
  8. Follow the link to, where you may change your password and input your email address.
  9. After you confirm, a “Password Changed!” screen will appear.
  10. When you can sign in to My5 using your new password, click the “Continue to My5” button to return to the home page.

How do I register for Channel 5 on Android devices?

Android-powered electronics include flat-screen TVs, mobiles, and tablets compatible with playing My5. Here is how:

  1. Choose “Register now” on the Sign In screen’s bottom to begin the registration process.
  2. Fill out the necessary fields.
  3. Please review the Agreement before continuing.
  4. To continue, choose the submit button.
  5. After launching the My5v application, go to 
  6. Enter the six-digit code you received while the time of registration
  7. After entering the activation code, go back to your My5 channel.
  8. Start streaming your favorite Channel 5 shows here!

How to Install MY5 on Samsung Smart TV?

[1] Activate your Samsung Smart TV by powering it on and then selecting the Smart Hub icon from the remote.

[2] Choose the Search button in the Applications menu.

[3] Type”My5” into the search box, and select the My5 app icon.

[4] Tap on the install option on your Samsung Smart TV.

[5]Register on My5 Channel. If you already own a Channel 5 account, just log in.

[6] You will receive a six-digit code. Save this.

[7] Go to your browser and visit 

[8] Now enter the code here. Start streaming your favorite shows now!

How to Install My5 on Roku

(1)Check your connectivity.

(2) Then, from the Roku interface, choose Streaming Channels.

(3) Find My5 in your app drawer and launch it.

(4) Installing My5 on Roku is as simple as pressing the Add Channel button.

(5) Go  to https://a and complete your activation process

How do I get My5 on my LG Smart TV?

Before following the steps below, it is worth checking to see if My5 is now available in the LG Content Store (thanks to Jim). It has now been made available for many LG TVs. You will need to create an account, though. If not, then:

  • Click the home button on your TV remote.
  • Access the web browser on your LG device
  • Tap on the select option.
  • In the search bar, enter
  • My5 doesn’t require you to log in to stream, although it’s useful for saving your favorite programs.
  • Go to to complete the activation steps mentioned in the Android section above.


Can I get Channel 5 on my phone?

My5 is a free service that provides access to all channels in the Channel 5 network (Channel 5, 5STAR, 5USA, 5SELECT, and 5ACTION). My5 allows users to watch the most recent episodes of Channel 5’s dramas, documentaries, entertainment programs, sports, and soap operas.

Is My5 on Amazon Prime?

Please be aware that My5 is only accessible through the web and mobile apps for Android and iOS. Channel 5’s official catch-up service, Demand 5, is available on various devices, including Smart TVs, Amazon Prime, Sky and Virgin Meda catch-up, gaming consoles, and more.

Where is My5 available?

My5 can stream on Amazon Fire TV, LG TV, Sony Bravia Android TVs, Samsung Smart TVs and Blu-ray, Freesat, Freeview, NowTV, and Roku streaming devices.

Why can’t I get Channel 5 on Freeview?

The channel may not be broadcast in your location if you do not see it on the list. YouView box retuning is recommended in this case to restore proper channel reception. If the problem persists, you may call the Freeview Help Line at 0808 100 0288.

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